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Smart Home Solutions

3v Process



Introduction We provide a full service approach that begins with an assignment from our professional team who work closely with you from the initial design phase through engineering and installation , that’s will ensure the design will be a reflective of your needs, wants and wishes.

Initial consultation We start with an initial consultation at your home, office or at our demo location to go through project analysis for discussing your requirements and expectations. We believe it’s important for you to go beyond your own expectations by exploring all of the possibilities and uncovering your dream, here we will begin to introduce our system to your dream.

Custom design By understanding your vision and how we can make it work within your home and lifestyle, our designers provide you a perfect designed system. We can also cooperate with your architectures or internal designers, whether, if your home is under construction or existing to complete your lifestyle satisfaction.



Home is all about comfort, now your home can be made even more comfortable with automated climate control.

Our solution gives you the ability to operate thermostats, temperatures and occupancy sensors as a standalone unit, and allows you to control heat, veneration and air-conditions settings by using a simple interface.


Lighting Control

One-Touch Lighting

3V offers a full array of elegant lighting options for homes, large or small, whether under construction or hundreds of years old.

Accent your home’s design with stylish lighting, make it more energy efficient, safe and secure, and leverage the magic of automation by integrating smart lighting.

Work with your Control4 dealer to decide how you can integrate lighting control into your daily life, whether it’s setting a scene to watch a movie.

Brilliant lighting solutions

Multi-Room Music



Multi room music:

3V whole house audio solution allows you to enjoy your music anywhere and everywhere with easy access to all of your music sources just like your iPod, digital media library (CD, DVD, TV, hard driver) broadcast audio and multiple music streams from rhapsody using a simple interface. Now you can enjoy the ultimate music experience with limitless possibilities.


Multi-Room Video


You probably used to spend long time trying to find your video CD’s and DVDs, 3V lets you replace all of your clutter by centralized digital media library. You will be able to access all of your movies from a simple interface easily searching by cover art, its entertainments like never before.


Remote Control


A subscription to 4Sight gives you the ability to securely monitor and control your home from any internet connection in the world. It also includes event-based email alerts for anything that happens in your home, such as the garage door being left open or the lights being left on during the day. With a subscription to 4Sight, you’ll always be in touch with your home, and your home will always be in touch with you.

Features and Benefits:

Email Alerts – Email alerts keep you aware of the status of your home. – If the garage door is left open during the day. – If your security system is armed or disarmed. – How often the TV is turned on and off.

If there is something that you want to monitor in your home, Control4 email alerts will keep you informed.

Login to your home – to remotely monitor and control your home. – Turn the lights on and off. – Adjust the temperature before you leave home from work. – Check your security system status while you’re on vacation. – Monitor doors and windows to make sure your home is safe at all times. With a subscription to 4Sight, your home is never more than a click away

Now you can login to your account to access your Control4 account informations through the internet. For additional information, please visit

One-Touch Security


Some of the best times in life are the ones you spend right in your home; make sure you take the time to choose the right automated security system. Our solution make it easy for you to enhance the safety and security of your home by integrating our system to the security system, ip cameras and motion sensors, to monitor and control your home security from virtually anywhere. The status of every aspect of your home can be monitored remotely or inside the house, this will complete your peace of mind, and make you and your family feel more secure.


Shutters & Blinds



3V has a full line of smart products including Somfy motorized curtains and blinds. Somfy is the blinds and curtains motors provider for The Dubai Armani hotel-Burj Khalifa-Dubai UAE.


Ultimate Home Automation


3V offers the ultimate smart home automation solution by making the electronic components and systems you already use on a daily basis work together, seamlessly. By integrating everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security — even smartphones and tablets — Control4 creates personalized experiences that enhance your life and work with added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind

Smart Home Solutions   3V comfort

Smart Business Solutions


Control4® Commercial
Automation means better business

3V Commercial Systems delivers affordable automation and control of lighting, shades, music, video, HVAC, security and energy management systems with secure, centralized system management. Your business can enjoy bottom-line benefits, your customers will be wowed by an impressive display of automation, and your team can control everything from a backend system console. This is why Control4 is the automation platform of choice for hotels, property managers and owners, restaurants, universities and utilities. 3V gives you the power to save energy without having to sacrifice the comfort of your customers or employees. By controlling air conditioning, heating and lighting alone, a company can reduce energy use and save big each month on costly utility bills. As a business owner or facility manager you have enough to worry about without letting the technology of business operations distract you. 3V can give you competitive advantage by improving operating efficiencies.

  • Set your lighting, music, temperature and video to greet your customers with the perfect welcome.
  • With one button your security system arms, lights go on, temperature adjusts and all the music and TVs automatically turn on.
  • Keep an eye on things — from anywhere. Whether equipment or lights are left on, or unusual activity is detected, you’ll always be in the know without having to drive by for an in-person check in

Fitness & Spa



Fitness centers often have several TVs and audio systems playing, along with the lights, climate, and security systems. Take control and keep your focus on the guest experience with Control4 automation solutions.

  • Access music from any source in any room, so every instructor can tune into their class favorites.
  • Send HD video from any source to any screen in the building.
  • Program the pool, hot tub, and sauna to conserve water and energy.
  • Turn everything off and arm the security system with a single touch.



Hotel properties benefit greatly from 3V automation solutions. Save money through improved energy management and enhance your guest's experience at the same time.

  • Automate all lighting and climate systems to minimize energy waste as soon as the guest checks out.
  • Customize the room experience to delight every guest: from lighting scenes, to automated drapes, entertainment—even their wake up experience.
  • With the swipe of a key, the room greets guests with dimmed lights, soft music and drawn shades.
Control4 reference   Futronix reference

Meeting Room



Technology enhances every meeting and presentation, but sometimes getting everything to work properly is problematic.3V can help.

  • Use one-touch control to dim the lights for a presentation, lower the screen and power on your video conferencing system.
  • Incorporate video conference call capabilities to include off-site employees and manage it from one easy-to-use interface.




Professional Office
Doctors and dentists have discovered the benefits of automation.3V delivers comfort and convenience to patients and staff in unexpected ways.

  • Automate the lights and climate control to save energy.
  • Program lighting scenes according to procedural requirements.
  • Use the intercom system to stay in touch with nurses and patients.
  • Give patients control of their own entertainment during recovery.


Managing numerous TVs on different channels in a sports bar or restaurant is complicated. 3V makes it easy for your team to control the AV system and lights.

  • Play HD video from a variety of sources on multiple TVs, and control them all from one simple interface.
  • Automate lighting and climate control systems to save energy.
  • Turn on the building in one touch and make “Closing” time easy by powering down everything with one button.



3V in existing homes


Read how 3V can work in furnished homes

Smart home was only for customers building multi-million dollar custom homes or doing major reconstruction on existing homes. Control4 believes homeowners should have a more affordable way to automate existing homes, and without the headaches and prohibitive costs of a major remodel.

Whether your home is 1 or 100 years old, 3V provides the easiest, most efficient and cost-effective way to add the convenience of a complete home control to your existing home. As one of the only whole home control providers to leverage standards based wired and wireless technology, 3V lets you add home automation without knocking down walls or undertaking major reconstruction.

As a matter of fact, most retrofit projects can be completed in a matter of hours or days.

Smart home Videos

Alwadi housing buildings

Alsoudi Building

Sami Nayef Aldibs Building

Mohamed Alrefaei Building

Green land villas

Mazin Bhshouti Villa

Alhuseni Building

Alnabulsi Building

Amman baccalaureate school ABS


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  • Secure Control— Manage your system over any WiFi network, with unique security features that identify and authenticate your Control4 system to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to eliminate unauthorized access.
  • Powerful—Enjoy all the features of your Control4 system, including security system management, zone and whole home control, media player device control and Rhapsody playlist support from your mobile device.
  • Easy to Use—Control your entire system, access music and movies by cover art, and even view images from the cameras around the house.
  • Easy to Install—Add and manage subscription codes from your my Control4 account, and easily identify and authenticate devices in the project with a single button press.

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A Glance about 3V

3V is a smart solution provider specialized in Smart homes and commercial buildings, green building solutions.3V has a full line of smart products including motorized curtains, High end audio/video centralized systems, security systems and smart lighting solutions.3V products are unique from others because its wireless which enable us to design and install smart homes without the need for intensive reconstruction.

3V is an authorized dealer for Control4 -the leading home automation solutions provider -USA.

3V is an authorized dealer for Futronix-one of the major manufacturers of architectural lighting control systems -UK . Futronix is the dimming system provider for Burj Al Arab Hotel-Dubai.

3V has a full line of smart products including Somfy motorized curtains and blinds -France. Somfy is the blinds and curtains motors provider for The Dubai Armani hotel-Burj Khalifa-Dubai UAE.

Control4 is the leader in affordable home automation and entertainment solutions. The company has introduced a new breed of home automation solutions that are practical, easy to install in either new or Existing homes, and designed to adapt to any lifestyle – benefits previously only available in luxury Buildings. Control4 products control multiple entertainment systems, such as HDTVs, DVD players and Stereos; as well as lighting, climate control and security systems. Control4 products are currently available in the custom installer and retail channels. Control4 is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more Information, please visit

3V was established by3v founders who deeply believe in their values to established world leading smart technologies design and engineering company.

3V is committed to its customers. At the core of our values is to provide the world’s best design and engineering solutions and a full line of the best products available.

We invite you to experience our world. We invite to experience an automated life; we invite you to experience ultimate luxury and comfort. We invite you to experience 3V

3V mission

Establish 3V as premier smart technologies, design and engineering company, and raise awareness about smart technology's advantages to our lives, environment and efficient use of energy while maintaining our uncompromising principles as we grow.

3V Vision

3V has a vision to lead the evaluation of smart technologies starting from smart homes toward a smart grid. Our vision is to make the word smarter to maximize the efficient of use of energy and contribute to green environment while providing ultimate comfort and luxury.

3V Values

We believe in our people, passion and standard of excellence, establish ourself as premier smart technologies design and engineering company. The following principles will guide us to measure the appropriateness of our decisions:

  • Provide great environment, and treat each other with respect and dignity

  • Recognize that synergy and open communication is essential component to our success

  • Commit to our people development and rewards

  • Contribute positively to our communities and environment.

  • Enthusiastically educate our customers about our passion for smart technologies that save energy, protect our environment and add comfort, luxury, security and entertainment to our lives.

  • Passionately contribute toward smart grid evolution

Standard of excellence
  • Apply the highest standards of excellence to our products, designs and overall service

  • Build and maintain the highest qualified professionals

  • Develop long term satisfied customers.